Student Class Share

The University Class Share holds all the course material that are required for your course unit that you are enrolled in. To access the class share please click on the respective college and you will be redirected to your college's class share.


*Notice to Students

If you are not able to access class shares, please contact your nearest ict helpdesk. Please do ensure that you have your valid student id before you visit them. You can also email the scans of your valid id card to icthelpdesk(at) to get your password if you dont have any.

News & Reminders

"Financial Assistance available to FNU Students. Please go to "Student Information" to apply. A how to apply guide is also available."


"Have YOU paid YOUR fees? Because if you havent you wont be allowed to sit for your exams and that means the whole semester/trimester wasted because this year there will be no special exams for those who havent paid up. See Finance Office NOW to settle your debts"

Network Outage

"No Outage "